grief til monday

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Jennifer Mehigan is a young Irish artist based in Singapore. Colours… colours!

i miss drawing

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Estuche 15”
by César Biojo

Estuche 15”

by César Biojo

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Kati GegenheimerForever Young, 2011Oil on canvas
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Kati Gegenheimer
Forever Young, 2011
Oil on canvas

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this must be my future house we see here

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A Thousand Souls

“In reality however, every ego, so far from being a unity is in the highest degree a manifold world, a constellated heaven, a chaos of forms, of states and stages, of inheritances and potentialities. It appears to be a necessity as imperative as eating and breathing for everyone to be forced to regard this chaos as a unity and to speak of his ego as though it were a one-fold and clearly detached and fixed phenomenon. Even the best of us shares the delusion.” Herman Hesse, The Steppenwolf

Maciek Jasik

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gave up on the fkn lamp but took these on the way there n back :—)

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